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Play Invitations for 3 - 4 Year Toys

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Play invitations for children 3 - 4 years of age


Learning Guide 36 - 40 Months

A teacher once recounted to me that a friend asked her “What in the world can you teach a three-year-old?” To which she replied “Anything and everything!”. There are a few skills that will be very valuable to your child as they embark on making new d

Learning Guide 40 - 44 Months

Your child may be starting to move from “parallel” play to more interactive play.  This is the perfect time to start developing some basic game-playing skills. The simple games you play now, and how you play them, set the stage for pleasant and meani

Learning Guide 44 - 48 Months

A key element of the Montessori Method is the importance of repetition. Like all of Dr. Maria Montessori’s work, she came to understand the importance of repetition through observing children. She noticed, as you may also have noticed, that young chi

PlanToys Dump Truck

The large Dump Truck is a wonderful vehicle to create endless imaginative play scenarios. Consider demonstrating how to dump truck operates narrating your actions. Consider identifying items the dump truck can transport like blocks, nins, figurines

PlanToys Double Drum

The Double Drum helps develop spatial perception and auditory processing using two sizes of drums and a pair of drumsticks. The drumheads are made of natural rubber. Give your little one ample space to explore this musical activity. Children are

PlanToys Water Blocks

The Water Blocks are a perfect way to begin exploring primary and secondary colors with endless open-ended applications. Use descriptive language when describing the colors in the blocks. Consider demonstrating how to hold a block up to your eye and

Bajo Eco Auto Transporter

The Eco Auto Transporter is full of opportunities for open-ended and imaginative play. Consider incorporating with other building or road sets Consider creating a ramp using a piece of cardboard or hard surface to create a ramp race Consider using

Bajo Truck Sorter

The Bajo Tipper Shape Sorter is a two-in-one toy that older babies and toddlers will love. Shape sorting is a great way to develop a child�s shape recognition, hand-eye coordination and motor skills, while playing with the truck encourages

Grapat Forest Nins

Many elements in this material are suggestions to create small worlds and miniature scenes that invite children to express and act out stories - both from their own internal world and the real world. This material is not structured, which allows for

Haba 3D Arranging Creative Stones

The 3D Creative Stones are a truly open-ended item that can be used to build patterns, designs and structures. Consider allowing your child free time to explore the shapes without the template cards to explore the item. Consider introducing 1 of the

Kaspiland Afriland Puzzle

This puzzle doubles as a set of figurines. It presents a more challenging puzzle for problem solving as the pieces are not consistently shaped. Work together to complete the puzzle giving as little help as needed. Do not be surprised if your child is

Mama May I Balance Balls

A ball is one of the most open-ended toys around. There are so many games you can play, things you can do rolling, tossing, spinning, and now balancing these multi-sized spheres. Consider lining them up from smallest to biggest or biggest to smallest

Mama May I Bowling Set/Rainbow Skittles

This classic wooden tabletop game has a rainbow twist � 6 vibrant colors to order, stand up, and knock down. A great way to keep little hands busy while building hand-eye coordination and sharpening physics skills. Consider playing the traditional

Mama May I Gnome Mans Land

With this 19-piece set you can help build fine motor skills and strengthen hand eye coordination while supporting cognitive development and nurturing story-telling skills. Consider demonstrating how to match gnome colors to their hats and stones

Nic Shape Puzzle (Quadrat Building Set - Circles)

This bright shape puzzle can be used as a puzzle or as blocks for building and stacking. Consider demonstrating how to balance and stack the arches on top of each other. Discuss the colors using descriptive language like lightest yellow, indigo blue

PlanToys Balancing Cactus

The Balancing Cactus can be used in individual play or as a collaborative game! Consider taking turns putting cactus branches on the base without letting it fall. Model making a mistake "My piece made the cactus fall! Want to try again?" Allow your

PlanToys Construction Set

This Construction Set can be easily assembled and reassemble to create any imaginable form. Model using the wrench. Model using the screwdriver. Give ample time for practicing these individual skills before attempting to build anything in particular

PlanToys Fire Truck

This classic Fire Engine incorporates the beauty of the engine with a functional cherry picker. This can be used with any other road, train or construction set to enhance imaginative play. If you have a book about fire engines, consider reading it

PlanToys Forklift

The design and function is based on an actual forklift. The back knob helps direct the forklift left and right. The lift makes a sound when the pallet containing the wooden cubes is moved up and down creating many different opportunities for

PlanToys Hollow Blocks

The modern blocks incorporate hollow holes into a traditional block set. There are 5 shapes represented with matching pairs for each shape encouraging both matching and building. Use as an exact matching activity. Incorporate into other imaginative

Tender Leaf Toys Cutting Board

This sweet little chopping board in the shape of a little chef can be used in imaginative play. Describe each piece of food using the accurate name (leek, beet root etc.). Model how to "cut" the vegetable. Model putting the vegetables back together

Tender Leaf Toys Racing Mag Blocks

This set of 14 vehicular themed magnetic blocks, made from solid rubber wood has concealed multi directional magnets ensuring there is always positive attraction and no repelling. This set can be an incredibly fun system to build and race! Model

Tender Leaf Toys Stacking Coral Reef

This interactive stacking coral can be used for many different types of play including building, balancing and stacking or imaginative play. Refer to the figurines by their proper names. If you aren't sure, consider inviting your child to help you

PlanToys Timber Tumble

The Timber Tumbler can be used for independent exploration of cause and effect or as a multi-person game. Model how to stack the logs and balance the beaver on top. Model how to use the stick to push a log out of the base without letting the beaver

Bajo Like to Like Memo Set

The Bajo Like to Like Set includes 16 themed tiles that can be used for like to like matching work or as a memory game. Place 3-4 sets of matches in a basket or on a tray and use them as a like to like matching activity. Model the matching first

Elm & Otter Funfetti Cake

Celebrating birthdays is a joyous activity to recreate for toddlers. This fun cake provides an excellent backdrop for an imaginative birthday play session. Incorporate other imaginative items for a celebration. Consider inviting stuffed animals

Mama May I Lacing Beads

These lacing beads are an incredibly popular material for toddlers in a Montessori classroom. Lacing provides toddlers repetition (which they tend to love) and these lacing beads have the added benefit of practicing manual dexterity and pattern

Elm & Otter Sorting Starter

This incredible sorting set combines the basics of sorting balls into cups with more complex matching and sorting with acorns. This invites both tactile work as well as imaginative play. Use this set to practice one to one counting. Provide your

Haba Magical Pyramids

The Magical Pyramids provides your child endless opportunities to build patterns with their creativity or with preset designs. This is an activity that builds focus and concentration. Consider utilizing the base without the pattern cards to start

PlanToys Balancing Tree

The Balancing Tree can build an understanding of the relationship between cause and effect while also enhancing problem solving skills. This tree can be used independently to build and create different trees or as a game similar to Timber Tumbler

PlanToys Marble Run

There are endless design configurations to inspire creativity in this Marble Run. Model building a marble run with 2-3 pieces. During collaborative play provide as little help as possible while your child is building their marble run to allow them to

Tender Leaf Toys Monster Lock Box

This classic lock box is a fantastic tool to practice motor dexterity and fine motor skills. It will provide many focused opportunities for your child to work on unlocking and locking. This is a self-correcting item, so you can step back and give

Wee Gallery Nesting Animals

These classic nesting figurines have been around for hundreds of years. They have the ability to inspire creative and imaginative play while also working on size discrimination and nesting. We encourage you to model how to nest the animals and then

Wee Gallery Night Life Floor Puzzle

This 24 piece puzzle celebrates the diversity of nature, while encouraging learning through play. The large pieces of this puzzle are suited to developing cognitive and motor skills in growing children. Work together to complete the puzzle giving as

Bajo Friendly Monsters

The Double Sided Monster Puzzle is more difficult puzzle that can be used as individual pieces in imaginative play or as a part of the puzzle. Consider demonstrating how to disassemble the puzzle. Consider demonstrating how to assemble the puzzle

Bajo Double Sided Jungle Puzzle

The Bajo Puzzle is a two sided puzzle that can be completed on either side. It presents a more challenging puzzle for problem solving as the pieces are not consistently shaped. Work together to complete the puzzle giving as little help as needed. Do

CandyLab Candy Cars

The wooden cars from CandyLab are full of opportunities for open-ended and imaginative play. Consider incorporating with other building or road sets Consider creating a ramp using a piece of cardboard or hard surface to create a ramp race Consider

Elm & Otter Peg Dolls

Peg People are a staple in Waldorf environments and can provide open-ended imaginative play. Describe each of the colors using descriptive language like forest green, mustard yellow, dark brown etc. Whatever name you use for a color, be consistent

Grapat Together Set

The Grapat Together Set is an award winning toy with a representation of an array of skin tones, sizes, shapes and colors meant to be explored in imaginative play and incorporated into other play activities. Our only suggestion is to display this set

KaspiLand Lacing Squirrel

This classic lacing board allows for practice with hand eye coordination and creative design inspiring deep focus. Model lacing the lace through the board. Model different ways of lacing. Use short sentences or single words to describe what you are

Lubulona Winter Stacking Trees

This set of stacking trees comes with 18 high quality beech wood pieces. Perfect for imaginative play or building activities, this open-ended balancing set will help your little one to practice fine motor and concentration skills. Consider

Mama May I Animal Action

A new game big enough for small hands! There are 25 different wooden coins with a verb and animal printed on each one. The object is to embody an animal one at a time as you draw them from the pouch. You can play charades and have your family/friends

Once Kids Eco-Bricks Color 109 piece

Eco Bricks have the benefit of working with any existing Legos that you might have at home. An incredibly open-ended set of blocks, your child will likely begin building without any need for invitation. Consider modeling sorting bricks by color

PlanToys Balance Board

The Balance Board provides opportunities for gross motor development alongside open-ended imaginative play. Describe, based on your child's comfort how to sit on the board, sit on knees on the board and stand on the board. For more of a challenge

PlanToys Bee Hives

The Beehive set is another great imaginative toy set that is rooted in real life nature. This can provide a unique opportunity to discuss bees and when combined with the vegetable set, to discuss pollination and how that impacts our gardens and food

PlanToys Geo Stacking Rock

Strengthen fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and concentration with these Stacking Rocks. These rocks, both beautiful and functional, can be used in direct stacking work as well as imaginative play with animals, blocks and dolls. Model

PlanToys Lacing Board

This unique lacing board allows for practice with hand eye coordination and creative design that can inspire deep focus. Consider starting with just the lacing board and the string to help your child begin lacing. Model lacing the lace through the

PlanToys Vegetable Garden

This miniature gardening set is perfect for imaginative play and as a tool to discuss and understand where food comes from. It should provide rich opportunities for conversation as well as independent creative play. Describe each item using accurate

Sabo Concept Castle Building Blocks

One of the most classic and versatile items in any playroom, this beautiful set of building blocks is the type that can be enjoyed at any age for many forms of learning and play. Model sorting the blocks by color. Describe each shape in detail using

Sabo Concept Forest Set

This beautiful forest set is meant to inspire imaginative play and building. Combined with other building materials and figurines, your child can create endless structures and sceneries for play. Allow your child ample opportunity to explore and

PlanToys Meadow Ring Toss

The Meadow Ring Toss is an excellent game for outdoor play. Skills developed: gross motor skills, collaborative play, focus, movement Parts included: 3 Bases and 6 RingsSafety: Children’s play should be monitored at all times. Not recommended for chi

PlanToys Water Play Set

The Water Play Set provides an excellent sensory experience for water play indoors or outdoors. Skills developed: tactile exploration, pouring, grasping, water playParts included: 1 Base, Island, Boat, Fish, TreesSafety: Children’s play should be mon

Tender Leaf Toys Forest Trail Kit

The Fountain Forest Trail Kit can be used on any outdoor adventure to explore the natural surrounding. Skills developed: focus, concentration, observation Parts included: Outdoor blanket, compass, magnifying glass, nature cards, backpack Safety: Chil

PlanToys Bowling Rainbow Set

The PlanToys Bowling Rainbow Set supports hand eye coordination, collaborative play and gross motor skills. Children's play should be monitored at all times. Not recommended for children under 3. Parts Included: 6 Pins, 2 Balls. SKU ID: BWRA-PT-.

Tender Leaf Toys How Many Acorns?

The Tender Leaf Toys How Many Acorns? supports counting and fine-motor skills. Children's play should be monitored at all times. Parts Included: 10 Acorns, 1 Acorn-shaped tray. SKU ID: HOWM-TEN-.