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exchanges made simple with free shipping both directions


What if we want to keep a kit or toy—do you provide options to buy any toys?

We hope your children fall in love with each carefully curated toy and we expect there to be families who wish to keep toys within their kits. Fortunately, our memberships include a 15% discount off of retail to purchase items from your current kit t

How do I use my bonus exchange?

"The Village" membership includes a free bonus exchange! It's perfect for birthdays, holidays, and times when you just need to refresh your play space sooner. After you checkout with a Village membership, we will email you a one-time code. When you'r

Is the Bonus Exchange just more toys, or do I still need to return the last set of toys if I use the Bonus Exchange?

Our prepaid "The Village" membership includes a free Bonus Exchange and free FedEx home pickup for all exchanges. The Bonus Exchange works like a regular exchange, but it’s in addition to the regular exchanges that happen every 2 months. If you check

How do exchanges work?

We offer free shipping and exchanges for all of our subscribers every 2 months to maximize your child’s learning and reduce our shipping impact. You will receive an email when your exchange is ready. You have 3 days to make a modification to your exc