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Browse our high-quality toys, select a membership that works for you, play and learn with your kit for 2 months, then exchange up to all of the toys for a new set.


What is included in a membership?

All Memberships include:. Play materials. The rental of high-quality wooden toys curated for the child’s age. 15% discount off of retail if you want to purchase an item from a kit. Rigorous cleaning and inspection of each toy before it reaches its ne

How do exchanges work?

We offer free shipping and exchanges for all of our subscribers every 2 months to maximize your child’s learning and reduce our shipping impact. You will receive an email when your exchange is ready. You have 3 days to make a modification to your exc

What if I have more than one child (age 0-5)?

There are two decisions to make on your membership: number of toys and plan. Number of Toys: We like to recommend having 8 or 10 toys at a time. During your checkout process, you will have the opportunity to share each of your children's birthdays wi

How do I gift a kit?

We would love to have you join a movement of friends, family, and caregivers committed to saving Earth and parents’ sanity by gifting 4, 6, or 12 months of toy rotations! You can purchase a gift subscription here. How it works:. 1. You can select the

How much does a subscription cost?

Our current subscription level and our pricing are described here.

What happens if I lose a toy, or a toy becomes damaged while I’m using it?

It happens! We, of course, expect each kit to be used and played with and understand that light damage or other ordinary wear and tear may occur. We do ask you to take reasonable measures to retain all components of your kit, including the packaging

What if I want to add a kit to my registry?

That’s fantastic! If you are currently using Babylist as your registry, you can add a gift subscription to your registry through Babylist’s easy tool found here. We are not affiliated with Babylist in any way, so your use of Babylist’s service will b