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Bajo Butterfly PuzzleUpdated a year ago

This beautiful double-sided butterfly puzzle is an incredibly dynamic item that can be used as a traditional shape puzzle and in imaginative play. It can also inspire a deep dive into learning about butterflies. 

  • Demonstrate removing each of the butterflies. 
  • Model finding the right spot for the pieces. 
  • Demonstrate flipping the puzzle piece around and describe what is different on the opposite side "I see this butterfly is bright yellow instead of red" 
  • Remove the butterflies to be used in other forms of imaginative play. 
  • As a self-correcting item, give your child ample space and time to practice removing the items from their bases and returning them to their bases. 

Children's play should be monitored at all times. 

Skills developed: shape recognition, size differentiation, and fine motor skills 

Parts included: 1 Base, 8 Reversible Butterfly Puzzle Pieces

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