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Bajo Double Sided Jungle PuzzleUpdated a year ago

The Bajo Puzzle is a two sided puzzle that can be completed on either side. 

  • It presents a more challenging puzzle for problem solving as the pieces are not consistently shaped. 
  • Work together to complete the puzzle giving as little help as needed. 
  • Do not be surprised if your child is only able to put a few pieces together to start, this puzzle is complex and takes some repetition and memory to complete. 
  • Store the puzzle pieces in a small basket or on a tray to allow the child to move it to a space in the home to complete. 
  • Take the puzzle out yourself and work on it modeling making mistakes and self correcting while your child is nearby. 
  • Allow your child ample opportunity to include the wooden pieces in imaginative play and to work on the puzzle.

Children's play should be monitored at all times. 

Skills developed: problem solving, concentration/focus, spatial awareness, and parts of a whole 

Parts included: 10 Wooden Puzzle Pieces

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