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Bajo Like to Like Memo SetUpdated a year ago

The Bajo Like to Like Set includes 16 themed tiles that can be used for like to like matching work or as a memory game. 

  • Place 3-4 sets of matches in a basket or on a tray and use them as a like-to-like matching activity. 
  • Model the matching first. Keep the pictures in the same orientation as you match. Slowly increase the number of sets of matches as your child gains experience matching. Limit to 8-10 matches at most. 
  • Rotate to keep your child's interest. 
  • Play the classic memory game with 6 - 12 matches at a time. Start with a smaller number. Slowly incorporate more tiles as your child learns the game and is seeking additional complexity. 
  • At this age, play cooperatively, as turn-taking may be a challenging concept.

Children's play should be monitored at all times. 

Parts included: Wooden Box, 16 Wooden Tiles

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