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Bajo Memo SetUpdated a year ago

The Bajo Matching Set includes 36 matched tiles that can be used for matching work or as a memory game. 

  • Place 3-4 sets of matches in a basket or on a tray and use them as a matching activity. Model the matching first. Keep the pictures in the same orientation as you match. Slowly increase the number of sets of matches as your child gains experience matching. Limit to 8-10 matches at most. Rotate to keep your child's interest. 
  • Play the classic memory game with 6 - 12 matches at a time. Start with a smaller number. Slowly incorporate more tiles as your child learns the game and is seeking additional complexity. At this age, play cooperatively, as turn taking may be a challenging concept. 

Children's play should be monitored at all times. 

Parts included: 36 Matching Wooden Tiles, 1 Wooden Storage Box

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