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Bajo Snail Shape SorterUpdated a year ago

This adorable snail shape sorter combines the gross motor fun of a pull-along toy with a shape sorter. The snail base can be used to pull the shape sorter and the "shell" can be removed and used as a shape sorter. 

  • Consider removing each of the shapes from the shape sorter. 
  • Trace the shape with your finger slowly and then trace the shape on the shape sorter that it corresponds to before putting the shape into the sorter. 
  • Describe each of the colors using accurate language like "bright pink or dark purple". 
  • Consider placing other items on the snail base, like a stuffed animal, to go for snail rides. 
  • This shape sorter is self-correcting. 

Children's play should be monitored at all times. 

Skills developed: shape recognition, gross motor skills, concentration/focus, hand eye coordination, and fine motor skills 

Parts included: Snail Base Cylinder, 6 Shapes

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