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Bajo Wooden Flower Push ToyUpdated a year ago

This Flower Push Toy is the perfect toy to introduce as your toddler begins walking (and possibly running!). It combines gross motor development with visual stimulation. 

  • Model how to hold the handle and push. 
  • Describe each petal including shape and color. 
  • Create a "track" somewhere in your house using masking tape, pillows, or cones for your child to practice moving within. 
  • Count the petals using one-to-one counting. 
  • Observe what your child decides to do - they may invent a totally new way of using this toy! 

Children's play should be monitored at all times. Toy is not intended for outdoor use. Please check all components and fittings regularly to ensure they are properly tightened. 

Skills developed: gross motor skills, and balance 

Parts included: Multi-Colored Flower Push Toy

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