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Cubos Circle PuzzleUpdated a year ago

Puzzles are learning toys that can be enjoyed at every age with increasing complexity. This introductory shape sorting puzzle starts with one simple shape (circle) but adds in the complexity of size discrimination. 

  • Model how to take the puzzle pieces out. Trace the circle with your finger, and then trace the place where it will go before you place it. This helps your child see what you are noticing as you choose where to place the puzzle piece. 
  • Describe the different sizes using small and big to help develop language about size. 
  • This is a self-correcting item. Your child will discover and learn by trial and error. 

Children's play should be monitored at all times. Skills developed: pincer grasp, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, shape recognition, and size differentiation. 

Parts included: Wooden Base, 1 Smaller Circle, 1 Bigger Circle

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