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Cubos Pincer and PalmerUpdated a year ago

This beautiful pair of objects assists a baby in the transition from an inborn reflex, the palmar reflex to a pincer grasp. Around 9-10 months, a baby MAY start to develop a pincer grasp. This motion is an important developmental milestone and one that regular practice can help develop. 

  • As a self-correcting item, give your child ample space and time to practice removing the items from their bases and returning them to their bases. 
  • Your baby will likely practice removing the objects from their bases before starting to practice returning them to their bases. 
  • Model how to handle the item with a pincer grip. 
  • Place the pincer grip handle in your child's pincer grip. 

Children's play should be monitored at all times. 

Skills developed: pincer grasp, palmer grasp, fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, and concentration/focus 

Parts included: 1 Pincer Item, 1 Pincer Base, 1 Palmar Item, 1 Palmar Base

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