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Grapat Nins TomtenUpdated a year ago

The elements of this set allow the child to create their own small worlds. There are no instructions or rules. As each object is open-ended, it allows your child to create their own narrative about the world they are creating. 

  • The coins can be roads or stones, the cones can become trees, the wooden Nins can be transformed into magical beings or real people. We encourage you to allow your child to lead the way. 
  • Our only suggestion is to display this set in a small basket or tray to allow your child independent access to the items and a nearby hard surface to create their world. 
  • If your child doesn't seem drawn to this activity, consider taking it out yourself and modeling some creative play.

Children's play should be monitored at all times. Small parts choking hazard. Not intended for children under 3. Never leave a child unattended while playing with this toy. 

Parts included: 6 Nins Tomtens, 18 Coins, 6 Cones, 3 Honey Comb, 3 Fires, 6 Mushrooms

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