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Grapat Perpetual Calendar

One-to-one counting can be done with nearly any item within your house. The significance of the Coins to Count is the inclusion of number recognition in your child's early learning of numbers, counting, and math. 

  • Select one of each number in your coin set and set it out in order. With your finger placed on the number, say the number. Once your child is able to recognize each of the numbers, you can mix the numbers up into a box and ask "where is the number 6" and have your child find the number 6. 
  • As your child progresses in their number recognition you can also bring in other objects from the home. We like using Cheerios in a bowl. 
  • Demonstrate setting each of the numbers out in order and then selecting the corresponding number of Cheerios to be placed near the number. 
  • Practice one-to-one counting. Say "one" as your finger touches the first Cheerio. Then "two" as soon as your finger touches the second Cheerio.

Children's play should be monitored at all times. 

Parts included: 12 Nins, 2 Blocks with Numbers, 1 Cup

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