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Haba Palette of PegsUpdated a year ago

The palette of pegs is an incredibly open-ended item with ample opportunity to sort, match and explore color and organization. While a very simple design, this set provides endless play! 

  • Consider removing pegs from the base and demonstrating sorting by color. 
  • Consider demonstrating how to insert a peg into the base and nest a matching disc on top. 
  • Consider demonstrating a pattern and working collaboratively to build a pattern. 
  • Consider putting some of the exact matches of pegs or discs together for a matching activity. 
  • As a self-correcting item, give your child ample space and time to practice building, matching, and sorting. 

Children's play should be monitored at all times. 

Parts included: Wooden Base 16 Colorful Pegs 16 Colorful Discs

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