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Heir + Loom Color Matching Puzzle

This color matching puzzle is a great introduction to the primary and secondary colors for toddlers ready to identify colors and match them. Because the shape is kept constant, toddlers are able to focus on the skill of color matching. The puzzle pieces have color on both sides, so your little one will not have to turn the piece over to find the color. 

  • As your little one attempts to sort the colors, help him or her identify the color names. It may take your little one a few weeks before they are able to correctly place the pieces on the base. Your little one will start understanding how colors contrast and will be able to start matching coordinating colors together. He or she may also start to identify certain colors. Use correct language to identify colors. 
  • Give your child ample space to explore this concept and self-correct. 

Children's play should be monitored at all times. 

Skills developed: color recognition, color matching, fine motor skills, and stacking 

Parts included: Base, 6 Colored Puzzle Pieces

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