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Heir + Loom First Jigsaw PuzzleUpdated a year ago

The Jigsaw Puzzle introduces new complexity with jigsaw-shaped pieces. This new challenge provides great practice for your toddler's concentration and motor dexterity. 

  • Model disassembling the puzzle. 
  • Model assembling one piece with another. 
  • Describe each shape noting which side has a round piece and which has a receiving piece. 
  • Provide ample space and time for your child to explore and practice this skill in a self-directed way. 
  • Observe your child, if they become frustrated or destructive they likely need your help to guide their hand for their first few times practicing. 

Children's play should be monitored at all times. 

Skills developed: fine motor skills, part of a whole, problem-solving, exact matching, and concentration 

Parts included: 4 Jigsaw Pieces

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