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Heir + Loom Lawnmower Push

The Lawnmower Push Toy is a classic design that can be introduced as children begin walking. The Push Toy assists in gross motor development and balance while providing interesting colors and sounds! 

  • Model how to hold the handle and push. 
  • Describe each ball inside the Lawnmower including shape and color. 
  • Introduce imaginative concepts such as mowing the lawn, vacuuming the carpet, or tilling the soil. 
  • Create a "track" somewhere in your house using masking tape or cones for your child to practice moving within. 

Children's play should be monitored at all times. Please check all components and fittings regularly to ensure they are properly tightened. 

Skills developed: imaginative play, gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and strategic thinking 

Parts included: 1 Lawnmower Push Toy

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