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KaspiLand Lacing SquirrelUpdated a year ago

This classic lacing board allows for practice with hand eye coordination and creative design inspiring deep focus. 

  • Model lacing the lace through the board. 
  • Model different ways of lacing. 
  • Use short sentences or single words to describe what you are doing e.g. up and under, zig-zag, wrapped around. 
  • If you have a sewing kit, model how you use a needle and thread to stitch or "lace" an article of clothing or fabric.

Lace/string is used to lace wooden pieces through the board and not intended for other purposes. Children have died when ropes and strings have been caught around their neck. Please always supervise children while playing with ropes and strings. 

Skills developed: fine motor skills, pattern making, sequencing, manual dexterity, creativity, imaginative play, and strategic thinking 

Parts included: 1 Animal, 1 Lacing String

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