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Mama May I Animal ActionUpdated a year ago

A new game big enough for small hands! There are 25 different wooden coins with a verb and animal printed on each one. 

  • The object is to embody an animal one at a time as you draw them from the pouch. 
  • You can play charades and have your family/friends guess which animal you are or you can do a team work exercise and have everyone join in on the animal-action fun! Great for little animal enthusiasts and performers! 
  • Need to put them to bed for the evening? Tuck them into their drawstring pouch for easy put-away or have your little one plop them into an empty tissue box.
  • A game sure to inspire your little one's growing fine motor skills with a rewarding clink.

Children's play should be monitored at all times. 

Parts included: 25 Wooden Chips, 1 Bag for Storage

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