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Mama May I Hide and Seek Peg PeopleUpdated a year ago

These brightly colored "hiding" people are a fantastic addition to any play space. Placing the people in their coordinating hiding spots is not only a great fine-motor skill-builder, it also sharpens color recognition, and nurtures imaginative thinking-through-play. 

  • Consider storing the people outside their homes and in a small basket to invite your child to put them together and match the colors. 
  • Model how to flip the home upside down and balance the person on top. 
  • Note, your child may choose to mix and match the colors, rather than match them! That is totally fine! Notice how the different colors look together. 

Children's play should be monitored at all times. Not intended to be mouthed. 

Parts included: 6 Brightly Colored Pegs, 6 Brightly Colored Peg Homes

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