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Mama May I Sensory BoxUpdated a year ago

There are so many ways to use, play, and explore with the contents in this kit. A wooden box is the window to sensorial play and imaginative excavation. Let your child's creativity go wild with pouring, scooping, pinching, placing, picking, poking, and playing opportunities this learning box inspires. 

  • Ideas for tactile exploration: rice, uncooked pasta, sand, rocks, beans, beads, lentils, un-popped popcorn. 
  • After your child has had some time with the utensils given, feel free to rotate in other items from your own kitchen to create variety. 
  • During collaborative play, use the opportunity to describe the contents of the bin and the actions being taken "this is rough feeling sand, I wonder how many scoops it will take to fill the cup you're using." 

Children's play should be monitored at all times. Not intended to be used with water. 

Parts included: 1 Wooden Box, 4 Cups, 1 Cap, 1 Set Pincher, 2 Scoops

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