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Mama May I Sorting EggsUpdated a year ago

Placing the eggs in the coordinating cup is not only a great fine-motor skill builder, it also sharpens color recognition, and fosters imaginative play. 

  • Consider demonstrating how to remove the egg from the cup. 
  • Consider demonstrating how to place the egg in the cup. 
  • Use accurate language to describe colors, red, yellow, orange, light purple, etc. 
  • Consider rolling the eggs on a hard surface. 
  • Consider using eggs in other forms of play. 
  • Give your little one ample space to explore this concept and self-correct. 

Children's play should be monitored at all times. Skills developed: color recognition, color matching, imaginative play, fine motor skills, and sense of order Parts included: 6 Brightly Colored Egg Bases 6 Brightly Colored Eggs

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