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Mama May I The Rainbow WagonUpdated a year ago

The adorable Rainbow Wagon full of peg people incorporates movement of both pulling and pushing, critical to your toddler's newfound mobility. 

  • While holding each peg, describe the shape and color. 
  • Model how to put each peg into its corresponding hole. 
  • Model how to pull the wagon with the rope. 
  • Model how to push the wagon forward and observe the movement on hard surfaces. 
  • Practice standing the peg people up on different surfaces including hardwood, carpet, and couches, and observe what happens. 
  • Incorporate your peg people into other activities and play like blocks or dollhouses. 

Children's play should be monitored at all times. 

Skills developed: gross motor skills, fine motor skills, imaginative play, and coordination 

Parts included: Wooden Tray, 6 Brightly Colored Peg People

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