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PlanToys Bee HivesUpdated a year ago

The Beehive set is another great imaginative toy set that is rooted in real-life nature. This can provide a unique opportunity to discuss bees and when combined with the vegetable set, to discuss pollination and how that impacts our gardens and food! 

  • If you have a book about bees or pollination, read prior to introducing the beehive set. 
  • Model how to remove the bees from their hives using the pincers. 
  • Model how to return them using the pincers. 
  • Incorporate or include the beehives in the Vegetable Garden Set and discuss how the bees pollinate the plants.

Small parts choking hazard. Not intended for children under 3. Never leave a child unattended while playing with this toy. 

Parts included: 6 Beehives, 6 Bees, 1 Pincer

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