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PlanToys Geo Lacing BeadsUpdated a year ago

These Geo Lacing Beads are an incredibly popular material for toddlers in a Montessori classroom. Lacing provides toddlers with repetition (which they tend to love) and these lacing beads have the added benefit of practicing manual dexterity. 

  • Model lacing a bead onto the string. 
  • Observe your child. If they aren't yet able to lace a bead on a string, you can help guide their hand the first few times. 
  • Model how to create a pattern. 
  • Practice naming the 3D shapes using correct terminology (cube, triangular prism, cylinder). 

String is used to lace wooden beads and not intended for other purposes. Children have died when strings have been caught around their neck. Please always supervise children while playing with strings. 

Skills developed: fine motor skills, pattern making, manual dexterity, concentration/focus, and hand-eye coordination 

Parts included: 2 Laces, 15 Multi-Colored & Shaped Beads

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