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PlanToys Ramp RacerUpdated a year ago

Our families love this incredibly fun ramp racer for the obvious fun of watching the car race down the ramp. But the Ramp Racer has so many extensible play opportunities. 

  • Model how to line the car up in the track and let it loose. 
  • Allow your child ample opportunity to practice putting the car down the slope. 
  • Describe the cars including their color and shapes (technically cylinder tires, rectangular prism body). 
  • Observe what happens when you or your child puts a different item, like a block, down the ramp. 

Children's play should be monitored at all times. If any toys break into smaller parts, immediately remove them from children's access. 

Skills developed: visual tracking, fine motor skills, and cause and effect 

Parts included: Wooden Ramp, 3 Brightly Colored Cars

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