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PlanToys Stacking Ring & BallUpdated a year ago

This ring stacker is a classic children's toy reimagined with bright colors. It plays an important role in your child's exploration of spatial awareness and understanding of how things are organized and fit together. 

  • Model how to remove rings. Model how to stack rings on the base. 
  • Pull a ring off and look through the ring at your child. 
  • Lay all of the rings out on the floor, and model lining them up by size. 
  • Play with rolling the rings on their sides. 
  • Practice one-to-one counting as your child removes or replaces the rings. 
  • If your child appears to need help, guide their hand once to put a disc on a dowel. Give your little one ample space to explore this concept and self-correct. 

Children's play should be monitored at all times. 

Skills developed: stacking, sense of order, size differentiation, and fine motor skills 

Parts included: Base, 6 Rings, 1 Ball Top

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