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PlanToys Trio stackingUpdated a year ago

The Trio-Stacking combines the enjoyment of stacking rings pattern making. This provides opportunities to practice ordering, grouping colors and size relationship. 

  • Model removing the rings. 
  • Model stacking by color. 
  • Model grouping the rings by color (off the base). 
  • Describe size of rings using the same language every time. We suggest big, smaller, smallest. This will help develop language about size. 
  • Store the rings in their "undone" state, by placing them neatly in a basket to the side of the base, to invite interest in stacking. 

Children's play should be monitored at all times. Skills developed: fine motor skills, stacking, pattern making, hand eye coordination, sorting, size differentiation, and color differentiation Parts included: 3 white rings 3 light blue rings 3 dark blue rings

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