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PlanToys WautomobileUpdated a year ago

The Wautomobile combines the fun of exploring movement with the visual stimulation of colored water. This can be incorporated into imaginative play or as a simple motor activity moving the car around the home. 

  • Model how to roll the car on a hard surface. 
  • Practice rolling the car back and forth with your child. 
  • Model holding the car up and looking through the color. 
  • Hold brightly colored items behind the Wautomobile and describe the colors you see. 
  • Create ramps or different angles to explore rolling the car down. 

Children's play should be monitored at all times. Immediately stop use if the clear panel cracks, breaks, and/or creates sharp edges. If any adverse skin reaction occurs during from interaction with the colored water, please remove contaminated clothing, wash skin with soap and water. If chemical burn occurs or if irritation persists, seek medical attention. 

Skills developed: fine motor skills, imaginative play, visual tracking, gross motor skills, and coordination 

Parts included: 1 Wooden Car

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