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Sun and Co Octahedron MobileUpdated a year ago

The Octahedron Mobile is meant to be introduced between 5 - 8 weeks in age. This aligns with their early color perception and offers a new shape and variety of colors to observe. 

  • Feel free to reintroduce the mobile throughout your child's first six months to invite new observations as their visual skills progress. 
  • Your baby's interest may be increased with the use of a floor mirror. 
  • Present the baby mobile 20 - 25cm above the baby's torso, to give a good 45' angle of vision and to ensure a good position of the baby's neck. 

Mobile is not intended as a toy and should be kept out of reach of your baby. Play should be supervised. 

Skills developed: visual tracking, visual acuity, color recognition, and concentration/focus 

Parts included: One Multi-Colored Mobile

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