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Tender Leaf Toys Color Me HappyUpdated a year ago

This bright puzzle incorporates 3D shapes to help guide your child with the puzzle. This is both a shape puzzle and a color puzzle. 

  • Describe the colors on the puzzle using descriptive terms like dark red, light red, etc. 
  • Flip over a puzzle piece and trace the shape on the bottom of the piece and then trace the corresponding shape on the base of the puzzle before inserting it into its correct position. Use words like "curved" and straight to describe what you are feeling. 
  • This is a self-correcting puzzle - allow your child ample space to explore. 

Children's play should be monitored at all times. 

Skills developed: shape recognition, exact matching, color recognition, color matching, parts of a whole, and language acquisition 

Parts included: 1 Snake Base, 11 Brightly Colored Puzzle Pieces

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