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Tender Leaf Toys Counting CarrotsUpdated a year ago

This stacking color sorter can be used progressively. Starting as a stacking tray it can be used to practice hand-eye coordination and stack discs on the dowels. As your child progresses, you can start to introduce color sorting and matching before progressing to practicing counting. 

  • Demonstrate how to remove the discs from the dowels. 
  • Demonstrate stacking the discs on the dowels. 
  • Remove the discs from the dowels and demonstrate organizing the discs by color on the floor. 
  • Consider demonstrating how to stack matching discs onto the same dowel. 
  • Use one-to-one counting when counting the disks. 
  • Give your little one ample space to explore this concept and self-correct. 

Children's play should be monitored at all times. 

Skills developed: hand-eye coordination, counting, problem-solving, stacking, and fine motor skills 

Parts included: One Base, 10 Discs, 4 Tops

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