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Tender Leaf Toys Peacock ColorsUpdated a year ago

This vibrant Peacock color set invites imaginative play and color recognition. This is a great item to allow your child to explore fully before you introduce any play invitations. It is amazing what your child will create with their own creativity. 

  • Consider demonstrating looking through the blue color and describing what you see "wow now the room looks like it is blue." 
  • Describe overlapping the blue color with the red color and then observe what you see when you look through the two combined colors. Explain that colors mixed together make new colors. 
  • Allow your child ample space and time to explore and play with this item. 

Children's play should be monitored at all times. 

Skills developed: color recognition, color differentiation, and cause and effect 

Parts included: 1 Peacock Color Set

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