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Tender Leaf Toys Rainbow TunnelUpdated a year ago

While what is most striking about the Rainbow is the beautiful design that doubles as decor, we have found it to be a versatile object that starts as a 3D puzzle and develops over time into multiple forms of imaginative play. Select one piece of the rainbow to set up as an arch on the floor and roll a ball or car through the arch to your child. 

  • Model stacking one of the smaller rings atop one of the larger rings to build a tower. 
  • Model nesting smaller arches into larger arches. 
  • Flip arches to use as little boats or other aspects of imaginative play. 
  • If your child enjoys playing with train or car tracks, set a rainbow arch over the track as a bridge and practice pushing cars/trains under the bridge. 
  • Use this intelligent design to discuss how rainbows are made and the idea of prisms. 

Children's play should be monitored at all times. 

Skills developed: color recognition, stacking, size differentiation, and sequencing 

Parts included: 7 Stacking Rings

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