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Tender Leaf Toys Woodpecker GameUpdated a year ago

The Woodpecker Game is a fantastic combination of gross and fine motor skills that has a pleasing combination of auditory inputs. This bench can help build strong coordination and motor development. While holding each ball, describe the shape (sphere) and color. 

  • Model how to put each ball into its corresponding hole. 
  • Model how to use the mallet to bang the ball. 
  • Narrate what occurs when the ball is hit with the mallet and drops through the hole. Ask, where did the ball go? 
  • Remove each ball and practice rolling it back and forth with your child. 

Children's play should be monitored at all times. 

Skills developed: fine motor skills, logical thinking, hand-eye coordination, color recognition, and gross motor skills 

Parts included: Wooden Base, Hammer, 4 Wooden Balls

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