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Wee Gallery Black and White Cards (Safari)Updated a year ago

Babies are fascinated with black-and-white designs. Right from the start, these art cards begin developing a baby's visual perception. 

  • Introduce cards when your baby is awake and alert. 
  • Mount on the wall near your changing table, with tape that is easily removed - like painter's tape. 
  • Rotate cards every 3-5 days or when you notice your baby losing interest. 
  • Lay cards flat on your baby's mat to create visual interest during tummy time. 
  • Prop cards up on your baby's mat to create another height and layer of visual interest during tummy time. 

If lamination from art cards starts to peel, please remove it from the crib. The art cards are not intended for teething. 

Skills developed: visual tracking, and concentration/focus 

Parts included: 6 Animal Cards, Card Case

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