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Wee Gallery Crinkle ToyUpdated a year ago

The crinkle toy has a very stimulating fabric with a satisfying crunch. Your baby will probably love grabbing and holding this high-contrast toy. 

  • Consider placing the crinkle toy in front of your baby during tummy time, just under their hands to help stimulate the crinkle crunch. 
  • Place the crinkle toy a few inches in front of your baby to encourage reaching and grasping. 
  • Move the crinkle toy to different locations on your baby's play mat for deeper exploration with their feet and hands. 

Children's play should be supervised. Machine Wash cold with like colors. Tumble Dry low heat. 

Skills developed: tactile exploration, visual tracking, auditory exploration, and palmar grasping 

Parts included: Crinkle Toy

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